Now that summer is nearly upon us, this would be the perfect time to do some work on your roof. You should commit to actively taking care of your roof because it is essentially the protector of everything that you own, as well as you and your immediate family. Make this your maxim summer: ‘take care of your roof and will take care of you’.

Here are some of the vital actions that you should take to keep your roof in good condition:

Clean off any debris

This holds water and causes the roof to deteriorate. As it collects behind pipes, chimney and skylight, as well as in the valleys that are created by the meeting of different sections of the roof.

Inspect the flashing

Firstly, check that the flashing is solid and free from signs of deterioration. Remove old caulk and scrub the area clan, before sealing if necessary.

Fix and/or replace shingles

Look for loose shingles and fix them in place using roof cement, and replace any shingles that are damaged.

Inspect the gutters

Inspect and look for signs of deterioration such as holes. Replace if necessary, or clean if there are no signs of deterioration.

Inspect the chimney mortar

Repair if the mortar is broken.

Prune trees branches that hang over or touch the roof

This keeps squirrels and other high-climbing vermin from climbing on the roof and to stop rubbing from the branches which could speed up deterioration.

Serious damage

In this case it would be advisable to contact a professional roofer. If you live in Leeds and need serious roof repairs or your roof needs to be replaced, call us now on 0113 335 0043.