DPR’s domestic roofing team in Leeds tackled a strange job last month after a homeowner had a big problem with his roof.

The home had a pitched tiled roof, although on first glance you would not notice it was pitched at all, such was the shallow nature of it.

As a result the roof had become damaged and did not offer the same protection it once did. The flat tiles leaked badly and water had begun to run into the home causing internal damage. This was the first time many of our roofers had worked on a roof which had such a shallow pitch.

Although this did not cause too many problems, it was noted that the roof was never in a satisfactory state for the home, much to the annoyance of our team and the homeowner.

As a result, it was agreed that a GRP Fibreglass roof, usually applied to flat roofs, would be used to solve the problem of the leaking tiles. The special composite moulds together and is a highly effective material for allowing water to run off and not permeate through. With there being a small pitch as well, the water runoff will be far greater.

Upon finishing the work, the homeowner was delighted that not only did his roof look more like a standard pitched roof again, but also the more serious problem of water damage to the inside of his home had been prevented. This material has a long life expectancy and is therefore one of the most used on new flat roofs.

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Our domestic roofing team have a lot of experience working in difficult situation across the Leeds area and no job is every too complicated. We look forward to your call.