Homeowners of a property on Barnsley Road, Sandal in Wakefield had to decide whether to repair or replace a section of their roof which had sprung a significant leak.

They had called DPR Roofing’s Wakefield roofers to inspect the property and after doing so we found that the roof was quite badly worn and damaged.

However, we offered the homeowners two options for rectifying the leak. One was to repair the leak by stripping the roof tiles and defective underfelt and replace it. Though this was the cheaper and quicker option, it would come with no guarantee as it could only be classed a short-term repair.

We also offered them another option to renew this section of the roof which would cure the leak and offer a five year guarantee – though this would take a little longer and cost just a bit more.

The homeowners opted for the more expensive, but guaranteed, renewal option and with the agreed work signed off the Wakefield roofers got to work.

They began by erecting of tower scaffold and stripped out and disposed of the valley tiles and then fitted new valley boards.

They then fit new code 5 lead valley at 1.5m intervals for expansion purposes and reset the roof tiles to the new underfelt and battens.

The roofers then reset all the ridge tiles that had been disturbed in the process on to new mortar bedding before removing all the resultant rubble and debris from the property.

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