TrustMark, the national quality badge for reputable tradesmen in the domestic RMI (repair, maintenance and improvement) sector, has received further recognition and a strong vote of confidence with the publication of the Government&#146s Industrial Strategy for Construction.

The Industrial Strategy recognises the importance of the TrustMark scheme for its role in improving the reputation of construction and building positive perceptions of the industry. The Government has committed to supporting TrustMark, promoting the new core criteria standards and the industry and consumer groups that support them.

Currently there are more than 14,000 individual firms within TrustMark which includes Leeds roofing firm DPR Roofing Ltd.

Liz Male, chairman of TrustMark and a member of the new Construction Leadership Council, said: " TrustMark scheme operators have the capacity and will to bring in many thousands more firms into the scheme, so that the benefits of the TrustMark badge can be extended to all the reputable tradesmen in the domestic RMI sector.

"We will work together to improve the image of tradesmen among the general public, because it matters. The domestic RMI sector is economically very significant, accounting for £27 billion spend per year, so we need a sector where increasing levels of work are commissioned with increasing levels of trust and confidence. It&#146s the bit of construction which touches our day to day lives in a very intimate way because it&#146s about our homes. Customers&#146 experiences of this part of construction – good or bad – also have a huge bearing on their image of the wider industry, and this impacts on our ability to attract and retain talent in the industry.

“At last the role of the domestic RMI sector is being recognised for its crucial position with UK construction and our industrial strategy for the future."

As part of our commitment to delivering the highest possible roofing contractor services and roof repair services throughout Leeds, coupled with outstanding customer service, DPR Roofing Leeds works with a number of bodies to achieve these standards and is a proud member of the TrustMark scheme.