With health and safety important to everyone at DPR, we have just invested in a new portable man anchor system for the company. The easy put together system safeguards our employees when they are working on the edge of buildings, where there is a serious risk of falling and no edge protection provided by the client, such as a man safe system or guard rails.

The equipment, which is used to ensure the safety of roofers when working near to the roof edge, adds to our range of other high class safety equipment and highlights our commitment to the safe working environment for our team.

The portable man anchor is specifically designed to provide short term safety for low frequency operations at locations where a guard rail is not provided. This is often very beneficial for maintenance on flat roofs!

There are many other advantages for the system, with ease of assembly and a compact frame two of the most popular advantages. This allows our team to take it to site when required and at all times work to the highest of health and safety requirements, set out by the associated accreditor boards. It should also increase our speed at being able to repair a problematic roof or carry out safe maintenance without having to set up or get added rails to the edge of the roof.

The anchor system causes no damage to the roof itself and can be used on just about all roof types, and even in wet weather (which occurs often in Yorkshire). The system is always be used as a fall restraint system and in conjunction with fixed length lanyard to prevent users reaching the edge.

DPR’s investment in another product shows our commitment to providing the best, and most safe, roofing services across the Yorkshire region. Whether we are working on a domestic project or on a large commercial building, we apply the same level of professionalism at all times.

Should you require any roofing works on your property, please call Yorkshire’s leading roofing company today.