DPR Roofing have recently completed a large slate roofing job for Unity Housing, with one of their properties requiring a full strip of old slate and re-cover in brand new slate on their building.

The property, near the centre of Leeds, had a few issues with water leaking though the slate, and many broken or missing slates. Unity Housing were however quick to address the issue as to appease their tenant, and requested DPR Roofing complete the job as quickly as possible, with minimal disruption to the occupants.

Slate roofs are popular in areas of Leeds with traditional houses and when correctly installed look great, and work properly, forcing water to flow very freely into the guttering. However, over time these slates break and delaminate, slip or fall off and this causes water to find its own path off the roof, often into the building before the gutter is ever reached.

Whilst one or two slates can occasionally be replaced, once the roof becomes excessively damaged, a full re-slate or tile is required to ensure that all the slate tiles are aligned and force the water away from roof structure to the gutters.

To complete the works, our team firstly removed all of the old slates on the building and then begun the process of laying breathable membrane, treated battens and new top quality Spanish slates course after course. All new lead flashings and valleys were installed to finish the job correctly.

Unity Housing’s investment in this re-slating is indicative of the care and attention they give to their tenants and it is one of the main reasons they are so widely recognised as providing outstanding living conditions for social housing in the Leeds area.

Should you have a slate roof on your home that is falling into a state of poor condition and require a new roof quotation, please call DPR Ltd today.