Many of you in Wakefield would have woken up this morning to a strong covering of snow. Although this looks wonderful it can cause greater problems. We automatically think about problems to roads however, snow can also cause a major problem to roofing structures.

Now this will probably not occur in Wakefield as the snowfall has not been huge but snow related roof collapse can happen and are usually caused by extreme snowfalls. A cubic foot of dry snow weighs around 6 to 8 pounds whilst packed snow can be up to 20 pounds. The same volume of ice can weigh three times more.

Although this is probably not a problem currently with snowfall in the Wakefield area, your roofs could still be susceptible to some damage. Currently the snow is still falling and many roofs in the area are totally covered in a light covering of snow.

When snow melts it turns into water and if the drainage on your roof, (i.e the guttering) is not clear, you can get pools of water that cannot natural leave the roof. As a result it then looks for other avenues where it can go, and this could be inside the home causing damp patches. Now this is unlikely to be a quick process (although it can be) so it may well be in a week or so you notice some damp patches forming in your home.

On flat roofs like on top of garages in many homes, if you notice lots of water pooling or snow collecting in one area, if safe to do so, you should try and clear this. Water weighs a lot and if it cannot go anywhere and is not draining naturally, could eventually cause a more serious problem. On felt roofs it could cause it to cave in.

Other things you may notice include cracks in walls or masonry, sagging roofs, roof leaks, cracking noises and broken guttering.

Should you be concerned about any of the issues we have listed above, please do not hesitate to contact one of our team on 01924 637081.