2015 is a big year for David Cameron as the general election takes place and it appears he is trying get roofers on board. Already this year has been the roofing college but now in his latest attempt to win voters he is pleased to support roofers and other trades in his new ‘Job Factory of Europe’ economy ideas

Speaking at a party conference in Ipswich, the Prime Minister outlined all the recent changes that happen and the new strength of the economy: Cameron said: “After a tough few years, we have a good record of getting people into work – 1,000 jobs every day this Government has been in office. We’ve created more jobs here in Britain than the rest of the European Union combined.

"I hope people will stick with this plan. We haven’t solved all our country’s economic problems, but the plan is working. We are getting Britain back to work and increasingly with those jobs people can see a better living standard, better security for themselves and their families.

One of the other things David Cameron really wants to push hard is the apprenticeship scheme and hopes to have 3 million apprenticeships in his new plan. The five key points are outlined below:

• Continue getting British people back to work by controlling immigration and delivering a robust welfare system for EU migrants;
• Encourage enterprise and support small business, keeping jobs taxes low and cutting red tape;
• Invest in infrastructure to attract business and good jobs across the whole of the UK;
• Reward work, help people into a job and lower the benefit cap;
• Create three million new apprenticeships.

If this is the case this is great news for roofers like ourselves in Leeds and Bradford. The telegraph newspaper claimed that: “Mr Cameron’s call to “builders and roofers” is likely to be seen as a direct plea to traditional Labour voters snubbed last year”. If these plans go ahead this will enable DPR Roofing to continue to provide a professional service. With support from the government our locally based roofers will be able to improve their training and obtain better skills to provide a more professional quality service for our customers.

We will keep an eye out on any changes that happen and look forward to Mr Cameron’s ideas being further elaborated on in the next few weeks.