Pontefract and the whole of West Yorkshire are bracing themselves for the changes in weather that are expected in the coming few days.

The cold and strong winds will bring rain and potentially sleet, with damage to commercial property and homes expected because of the conditions.

This is where DPR as the leading Pontefract roofers can help you should you experience damage to your roof during this period.

If the damage is severe, we offer a 24 hour emergency repair service so can have your home water tight quickly. This service is available when you are missing parts of the roof and there is an immediate safety risk.

For repairs that are needed with urgency, but do not pose a serious health or safety risk, we offer a comprehensive roof repair service. This includes replacing cracked or missing tiles, filling up any holes that arise where water can gain access into the house, as well as replacing loose guttering. We can also undertake the correct procedures should you have roof movement caused by severe weather damage.

Should roof damage become a regular problem, we also offer a maintenance service which sees our team carry out gutter clearing and roof checks which will help to prevent the chance of more serious roof damage in the future.

From domestic roof repairs, through to industrial and commercial buildings, our team have all the skills required to carry out a complete service. If you require a roof repair during the winter months on your Pontefract roof, please call us on 01977 220016 to discuss your specific requirements.