During the summer of 2013, Leeds Roofers undertook many flat roofing jobs across the West Yorkshire region, on garages, outhouses, commercial offices and extensions.

Flat roofs can cause problems as wear and tear can lead to leaks, or constant pools of water finally breaking the membrane which cannot support the weight.

There are many different methods of repair that can be applied to flat roofs. From replacing the whole roof, to repairing small sections, our team of professionals can provide an option for them all. This tailor-made service means you can get the best repair for the budget you have.

Our team are proficient in the more complex built up felt roofing systems, single ply membranes, hot melt and liquid plastic roofing products, as well as more simple felt roofing repairs. If required we can also replace the stones or gravel that is on top of the roof, and carry out a clean should moss or other debris be affecting the quality.

Some of the locations we have undertaken flat roofing jobs this summer include White Rose Packaging in Leeds, and domestic properties in and around the Leeds and Headingley areas.

Even at this time of year, flat roofing problems can become noticeable, with water pooling on the roof or leaking into the space below.

If you notice a problem, you can contact one of our surveys team on 0113 335 0043 who will carry out a survey before assessing all the options available.

Flat roof problems can cause damage to property so if you notice a problem with yours, contact us quickly.