It may not seem obvious at first, but the main purpose of a roof is not simply to provide shelter, but it is to catch and control water.

Water, when unchecked, can be extremely corrosive and damaging. Picture a stream at the bottom of a gorge. Over years that tiny stream has worn away at the surrounding land to create that gorge. Given enough time free flowing water will create a huge amount of damage.

This is why roofs are shaped as they are: so water runs down them into controlled areas. An essential, yet often overlooked, part of the roofing structure is the gutters.

After the roof has caught and controlled the water it guides it to the gutters, which then carries the water to the drainage system.

If there is anything wrong with a part of this chain then water will flow where it should not. And, referring to the point above, unchecked water will ultimately go on to create damage somewhere.

The problem is that gutters are often neglected, and seen as a minor part of the roofing system. When nothing is further from the truth. DPR often carry out work on gutters, and here are a few of the most common issues we see:

Blocked gutters – these are simply gutters that have been filled with debris. The type of debris varies from roof to roof. In residential properties we see a lot of leaves and wastage. Whereas one of our regular commercial clients work a lot with glass and their gutters are often overflowing with dust from the glass.

Broken gutters – gutters are more often than not made from plastic. While it has some brilliant properties, gutter plastic is quite brittle. This means it will crack, as opposed to warping. These cracks are obvious places in which water will escape.

Poorly installed – there is a correct way to install guttering, to ensure the water flows quickly and evenly straight into the sewer. If not installed correctly water is likely to pool and puddle, which will ultimately lead to overflow.

DPR offer both retained and impromptu guttering services. If you are experiencing any guttering issues and need a professional to look them over then don’t hesitate to contact DPR on 0113 335 0043.