There are many roofing contractors in the Leeds area. It is only natural that most people will shop around to try and find the best possible deal before they decide to use a particular roofer. However, price should not be your only deciding factor. In fact, price should be quite low down the list of priorities. Below is a list of questions we would ask, if we were looking for a roofing contractor.

Are you fully licensed?

Although it is a standard requirement, it is imperative that any roofing contractor you work with be fully licenced. Holding a licence means that they are not only capable of working to a certain standard, but that they are also fully insured and carry the necessary health and safety qualifications. 

How long have you been trading?

 An experienced contractor will be exactly that; experienced. While some newer roofing contractors will be fully capable, they simply will not have the know-how that comes with 28 years of working with roofs on a daily basis.

 Do you hire subcontractors?

This is important, it doesn’t matter if the roofer you are working with has all the experience under the sun if they use poor subcontractors. At DPR all our engineers are multiskilled, so we need to rely on subcontractors to a much lesser extent than others. However, on the rare occasion we do we only work with people we know and trust.

Can you tell me about the warranty?

If a roofer does not offer some form of warranty on their work then be suspicious. If they do not trust their work to last a certain amount of time then why do they lack that faith? Do they not trust their own work?

Do you have any other homeowner testimonials?

Any experienced contractor will have testimonials from satisfied customers. If not, why not? Are they new, or is their work poor? Always check websites and social media platforms.

Do you have insurance?

If the roofing contractor does not have some form of insurance then the client may be liable for the costs if there is any damage or accidents. To avoid this unfair responsibility make sure the roofer has insurance.


It goes without saying that DPR has all of the above criteria. To find out more about how we are one of the leading roofing firms in Yorkshire, or to find out more about our services just call us on 0113 335 0043.