With so much choice for roofers in Leeds, it can feel like a minefield trying to work out which ones are genuine, the best, or the most cost effective. With so much talk about cowboy builders on television and in the papers too, it is becoming more and more important to pick the right craftsman for your roof work, especially as it can cost lots of money.

For this reason and many others, DPR Roofers in Leeds are transparent about all the qualifications we have, our knowledge and experience and the quality we can provide. For many years, we have been working hard to build up a positive reputation, based on providing high quality, value for money and an excellent customer service. This has been achieved by listening to our customer’s fears and worries, attending regular training courses and working to and gaining the highest industry standard qualifications.

We have also invested heavily in local talent, so the chances are, you may know someone who knows one of our roofers in Leeds, or in fact know them yourself.

Regardless of this though, there are still negative doubts about the choice of roofer you pick, so our team have put together a list of points to consider when choosing a trustworthy roofer for your building work. This list applies to both domestic and commercial properties.

• Although everyone wants value for money, when it comes to roofing, it is not always best to choose the cheapest quotation. Usually, but not always, a higher bid is reflective of better quality materials, and a better valuation of what needs to be done. There are exceptions to the rules, so it is worth knowing what you are getting for your money before you sign or part with any cash.
• Use local roofing companies whenever possible, one that is based in Leeds and only carries out work in Leeds. This is because they know the permits of the area and the housing regulations. Also if it is an emergency, they are close by to undertake the work, meaning you do not have to wait and live in poor conditions for too long. Locals also always want to help the locals; that is the way of life.
• A good roofing company will have experienced roofers across the whole company, including some of their office staff. At DPR we are a family run business, built up from the bottom into a large locally based company. Our name ‘DPR’ resonates around the area as a top quality roofer, backed up by appearances on television attending to the needs of people who have been left short changed by cowboy builders.

These are just a few ways that you can ensure you choose a great roofer in the Leeds area for your roofing work.

If you would like one of our team to come and quote on a roofing project at your domestic or commercial property, please call our Leeds Roofers on 0113 335 0043.