Following the recent adverse weather conditions, a good many of the citizens of Wakefield may be wondering whether the broken tiles on their roofs can be replaced as cheaply as possible. In fact, the process is a fairly simple one and can often be done without the aid of professionals, thereby saving you some money in the process. So here’s how:

Tools that you will need:
2 flat crowbars (pry bars)
New tiles

Once you have these available, simply follow these steps to fix your roof:

Step #1

Slide your flat bar under the top right tile above the tile that is going to be replaced. Position your crowbar under the tile to the top-right of the tile that you want to replace, sliding the bar underneath and lift, then repeat the process with the tile laid to the top-left of the broken tile and the second crowbar. Be careful with these tiles to guard against further breakages.

Step #2

Remove the broken tile.

a) The vast majority of tiles on roofs like these are not nailed down, but instead have nubs resting along the width of the tile and thus to remove the broken tile, the tile itself will need to be lifted up and slid out.

b) In the case of steeper-sloped roofs, the tiles are more likely to be nailed down. In this case, you will need to remove the nails, so be very cautious when applying pressure on the tiles to pry them out of position.

Step #3

Slide the replacement tile into place, and remove the crowbars and put the elevated tiles above the broken tile back into position.

That’s all there is to it!

One of the most common problems with repairing a roof tile is that more tiles can easily be broken by the pressure applied when walking over them. If you feel that this may be an issue and want to leave the job to professional roofing services in Wakefield, or for further advice, please ring us on 01924 640019.