The confederation of roofing contractors (CORC) was set up in 1985 and is now considered by experts to be one of the leading roofing trade associations in the UK.

CORC was established with the motive of introducing a quality standard that all of its associate members would adhere to and which would offer a direct benefit to the public.

As experts in their field, the founders of CORC recognised that a roof is probably the most important part of your property and that there are huge risks associated with poor workmanship. In the UK, our weather is becoming more and more extreme. Within any twelve months, it would not be unusual for your roof to have to cope with torrential rain, gale force windows, ice, snow and winters reaching -15 degrees. If not installed or repaired correctly, over time your roofs weaknesses will be exposed, probably when the weather is at its worst. The consequences of this can be significant, with damage caused to the structure and contents of the property. It is therefore crucial that whenever you are having roofing work done on your home or business, you source a contractor that is reputable.

Roofers that are members of CORC are considered to be amongst the best in the business. In becoming a member of CORC, roofers must subscribe to a government backed quality standard. This standard involves all members being committed to providing their customers with a quality driven service, provide good craft skills, to have good working practices and provide a fair price. All members of CORC are also able to provide customers with a No Deposit Home Improvement Loan in the event major works needs to be carried out immediately.

CORC members can automatically offer their customers a ten year fully insured back up guarantee and are free to use the CORC logo as a sign of their commitment to excellence.

CORC’s ultimate goal is to play a pivotal role in helping its members to improve the quality of service they provide to their domestic and commercial customers. As part of their support, they offer members a range of tools to help achieve their objectives:

• ID cards for all employees.
• Discounted insurance.
• Code of Conduct approved by the Government.
• Roofing Leads.
• Free advice on Labour Relationships & SC60/714 Employment Law.
• Free Method Statements.
• Free Health & Safety advice.
• Recourse to the CORC conciliation and arbitration procedure.
• Free advice on wages and conditions.
• Private Health Care at reduced prices.

If you are looking for a roofing contractor who is CORC registered, you can visit the CORC website directly by visiting If you click on ‘Find a member’, then ‘Member Search’ and then click on the map area where your property is located, they will present you with a list of approved roofing contractors. Alternatively, CORC can supply you with a copy of their annual members directory, which they distribute nationwide.

If you are looking for a CORC member in the North of England, DPR Roofing are one of their leading Roofers in Leeds. For more information call 01924 or visit