What is the Correct Slope for Gutters?

When you look up at your gutters, it’s easy to think they’re completely level. However, they do need a slight slope to guide rainwater in the right direction. Read on as we take a closer look.

Correct slope for gutters

The slope on your guttering is vital to how it does its job. Too steep, and water will run through them too quickly and flood your drainpipe or drains. Too level, and the water will simply sit in one place rather than heading down the drainpipes at all.

As a rule of thumb, gutters should have a downward slope (towards the drain) of around 1:350. That translates to a centimetre down for every 3.5 metres in length, or a third of an inch for every 10 feet.

Do my gutters have the correct slope?

Even with the right measurements and ratios in mind, it’s hard to tell whether your gutters have the right slope. After all, without the right training, it’s hardly safe to be up on a ladder measuring the exact centimetres or fractions of an inch between two points on their guttering. Thankfully, there are some ways to tell if your gutters have the correct slope…

Too steep

As above, you’ll be able to tell if your gutters have too steep a slope if water overflows around the top of the drainpipe. Alternatively, it could flood around the bottom of the pipe rather than draining away. It’s usually best to grab your umbrella and check for these issues while it’s raining to see your gutters in action.

Not steep enough

On the other hand, if your gutters are too level, you could see rain overflowing from various points along their length. Sitting water can also add unnecessary pressure to your gutters, leading to them sagging or pulling away from your roof.

All of these issues can prevent your gutters doing their job effectively, allowing water to get onto your walls or near the bottom of your property. That could lead to issues with water ingress, damp or even damage to your foundations.

How to fix your gutters’ slope

There’s no two ways about it – incorrectly sloped gutters are down to poor installation. The only way to fix them is by having them removed and realigned. This involves removing the gutters and the brackets that hold them in place, before reinstalling those parts (or new parts if necessary) with the correct gradient.

If the job is relatively recent and your gutters are still guaranteed, you can get in touch with the roofing company that installed them. However, in most cases, you’ll need to speak to a new, more reputable roofing company.

Local guttering experts

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