A roof valley is the junction between two adjoining sloping roof surfaces. On an L shaped roof there will definitely be a roof valley. Rain water will run down the valley on its way to the guttering therefore it is important that it remains in a good state of repair and receives regular maintenance. This is to avoid the ingress of water into the property.

DPR Roofing recently completed a project in Flockton, Wakefield which involved replacing two lead valleys on a property. A roof survey had revealed that water was penetrating the existing valleys and causing damage to the interior of the property.

The resulting project involved DPR’s roofers firstly erecting access equipment, stripping back the surrounding slates so that the valleys were exposed in full and then removing and disposing of the existing lead valleys. The timber was treated with Probor 20 diffusion gel and then new code 5 lead valleys were fit in place of the existing. The slates were replaced back to good and all resultant rubble removed from the site.