A roof valley is the junction between two adjoining sloping roof surfaces. On an L shaped roof there will definitely be a roof valley. Rain water will run down the valley on its way to the guttering therefore it is important that it remains in a good state of repair and receives regular maintenance. This is to avoid the ingress of water into the property.

DPR Roofing recently carried out a project to repair a roof valley on a property in Leeds, LS6. The roof leak was being caused by defective mortar and in order to remedy the problem DPR’s roofers stripped down the valley and removed the defective mortar pointing. They then fit new valley cuts to new mortar bedding. The cuts were necessary due to imminent breakage found during stripping down. The valley was pointed flush using a water resistant mortar. Finally a new lead apron saddle was fit to the short lead flashing at the bottom of the valley where it met the gable verge edge. All works were tested for water penetration prior to the roofers leaving the site.

If you are concerned about the condition of your roof valley, or would like to discuss any other type of roof repair, contact DPR Roofing today on 0113 335 0043.