Last month, DPR Roofing in Wakefield showed that it’s not just roofs, brickwork and slate that we are good with, but also woodwork too.

The Wakefield DPR Roofing team were called to a property in development in Ossett to deal with a woodworm infestation that was destroying floorboards and other structures on the ground floor.

To eradicate the woodworm, which is actually beetle larvae, we applied a deepwood insecticide treatment by cutting out selected tongue and groove floorboards which enabled a liberal application of the fluids.

The treatment fluids were also applied to the joists, the underside of the floorboards and, after replacement, the top surfaces of the new floorboards.

The treated rooms were sealed off for eight hours and the owners were instructed to keep the property well ventilated for a minimum of 72 hours. 

A return to the property after this time found no evidence of woodworm and the property owners will continue to benefit from DPR’s 25 year guarantee against re-infestation on all treated timbers.

If you have a problem with woodworm, or require any roofing repairs or maintenance, contact DPR Roofing in Wakefield on 01924 640019 email [email protected].