One of the highest priorities at DPR roofing is the safety of our engineers. Aside from the simple moral obligation of not wanting them to get hurt, engineers who feel safe will provide a better quality of work. We also feel that our duty of care extends far beyond our engineers. The people within the building, and also the general public, must be kept safe at all times as well.

There are four main ways in which DPR ensures the protection of all those on any site we are on.

The first is simply training. All our staff are fully qualified and accredited. Part of their training is always on health and safety, and we ensure that this training is always in the forefront of their mind whenever they are on site. We also make sure that they are properly supervised at all times.

For every job we carry out a thorough and comprehensive risk assessment, regardless of the drop height. Falling from height accounts for more injuries than any other kind of accident in construction. By carrying out a thorough risk assessment, and constantly re-evaluating as new risks appear, we can ensure that our staff are as safe as possible at all times.

We constantly invest in new equipment, including PPE. There are always technological developments to take advantage of, and if something as simple as a better pair of boots will help our engineers feel, and operate, safer then we will always make the investment. We also upgrade our larger scale equipment, such as platforms, regularly so we can provide a better, and safer, standard of work.

We try our best to limit the amount of people on site at all times. By controlling who is on site we can simply control the number of risks that are being posed. For example, an inexperienced contractor, or even member of the public, will not have a basic understanding of the risks involved in construction and roofing.

By adhering to these 4 simple rules we can ensure the safety of our engineers and the public in and around the site. DPR offer a complete range of roofing services to both domestic and commercial clients all over Yorkshire. To find out more simply call us on 0113 335 0043.