DPR Roofing has worked with some interesting clients in our time. Different things make clients interesting for different reasons. Some clients are interesting because of what happens inside the premises. With other clients it’s the building we are working on, and simply have interesting roofs. For some, they simply have a level of prestige that we don’t get chance to work with often.

One of our latest clients very much fall into the latter category.

DPR Roofing are proud to announce that we are now supplying roofing services to Tesla, at their dealership headquarters in Leeds.

This will be an incredibly interesting job to work on and will mean more emphasis on health and safety than usual due to customer visits by the general public creating a much bigger risk. Careful risk assessments and method statements will be in place here as with all public encroachment on our work zones. Even a minor accident could cause damage to incredibly valuable stock also. On a similar vein, it is imperative that Tesla’s roof is constantly kept in the best condition possible. As a high-end technology provider a leak could be extremely damaging and create issues that are extremely costly to repair.

Thankfully, we are well up to the task, and are excited to see what opportunities working with such a prestigious client, on such a location, affords us.

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