Heavy winds have been forecasted for the Yorkshire region in the coming days, as one of the worst storms in the last 25 years, hits the country.

According to Sky News, winds of up to 90mph are forecasted, and there have already been people caught up in the winds.

The storm has already touched base with the South of England, but is expected to work its way north in the coming hours. Strong winds can be a nightmare causing large-scale disruption to roads and transport links, bringing down trees and walls.

Homeowners across the region need to be aware of the possible risks strong winds can have to their roofs, with tiles and slate lifted which can cause damage to parked cars. A missing roof tile can also allow rain, which we are also expecting to fall heavily, to find a way into the roof, causing damp patches to form within the house.

If you do notice your roof has damage, Leeds Roofs have an emergency repair service which can fix the problem for you quickly and effectively. From missing tiles, to replacing cracked or loose tiles, our team of expert roofers can solve any issue.

It might not just be tiles however that cause problems, with guttering being blown away from the roof, or leaves getting trapped which stops water from escaping the roof effectively. As well, large-scale puddles on flat roofs may form which if left could carry extra weight and eventually split the bitumen or roof felt.

If you are unsure about the state of your roof, our team can also carry out a survey which will pick up any problems before they are too late. For more information on how Leeds Roofers can keep you house and roof secure, or to arrange for a repair service, you can contact us on 0113 335 0043.