Leeds Roofs have been warning people about the risk of high winds this winter and it appears our concerns were justified as a small tornado hit a seaside resort in Hampshire.

The tornado, combined with strong rain, ripped through about 100 homes early in the morning last weekend and is believed to have caused problems to more than just the homes on the affected roads.

Witnesses in the local area have told how the tornado looked like a “big grey wall” and sounded like a “freight train coming down the road.” No-one was injured in the tornado but tiles and roofs were damaged or ripped off, as well as walls blown down.

This example shows how susceptible roofs are to wind damage and it is why our roofers are specialists in replacing tiles and slate within the local Leeds area. Loose tiles or missing tiles can lead to other problems such as damp and water leakage, so getting them replaced quickly is of essential importance. With the weather also tuning in recent weeks with heavy rain also predicted for the coming days, a small tile crack to your home needs to be replaced or fixed quickly.

At Leeds Roof, we offer an emergency roof repair service for occasions like this tornado. Our team are available to come and make your roof watertight and fully functioning at any time of day in this emergency situation.

If you notice cracked or missing tiles on your roof, give our expert team a call on 0113 335 0043 and have a solid roof over your Leeds based home once more.