Strong winds are being forecasted for this afternoon, lasting into the weekend as a front of unsettled conditions hits the Yorkshire region.

The wind is not expected to be as fierce as the awful weather that hit the region at the end of 2013, but with some heavy rain showers included, it could well add further damage to roofs in the area.

Gusts of winds will reach up to 50 mph on higher ground which could rip off loose roof tiles as well as force guttering to come away from the roof. The wind is also coming from the same direction as in December so should your roof have been weakened in those ferocious storms, damage could appear this time.

Should you be unfortunate to have a problem with your roof, there are a few things you may notice. If you see terracotta fragments on the drive way or in the garden that look like parts of a roof tile, it is likely one has fallen off somewhere from the roof. Once the wind has died down, if safe to do so, gain access to the roof and carry out a simple repair, by following our six step guide.

If a tile has gone missing, depending on where it is positions on the roof, you may also notice a damp patch formed inside your home, where water has seeped through. If you do notice this, you should seek professional help at the first instance because the damage could get worse and, especially if you haven’t notice a tile missing from the roof, could signal a gap in the roof arrangement that might need more urgent attention. With the guttering also subject to taking the brunt of the winds force, you may notice it breaks away from the roof. If this happens, further damp patches can form as the water is not taken away from the roof correctly and pooling areas.

Should you have an issue with your commercial or domestic roof after the strong winds and require a professional and quick roof repair, please get in contact with one of our team. We look forward to your call.