If you have a problem with just one roof tile on your home, you can repair it yourself. Leeds Roofers have put together a six point process to help you repair it properly and reduce the costs of professional help.

1. Firstly you need to get the correct replacement tile, as failure to get the right one can actually result in further damage. If you do not know what the tile is, take the one you are replacing with you to a roofing supplier and they should be able to match it to the correct colour. Most roofs are concrete and terracotta.
2. After establishing the right tile, you then need to gain access to the roof safely. If this cannot be done, do not proceed to carry out the tile repair. If you can gain access to the roof safely, you then need to make sure you can get to the right part of the roof in a safe manner. Always make sure there is someone at the bottom of the ladder and do not proceed if you are unsure about heights.
3. If you are safely on the roof, locate the broken roof tile and slightly lift the tiles that overlap the broken tile. You can do this by using two pieces of timber to hold them up. Use a brick trowel to flick up the bottom of the broken tile and slide it out.
4. Place you new replacement tile on the brick trowel and reverse the steps for removing it. You need to make sure that the overlapping tiles are back in position to prevent any weak points where water can gain access.
5. You then need to check the tile is securely in place and not interfering with any other tiles around it. If you live in a windy area you need to nail or wire it into place, but if not just check that the tile is sitting appropriately.
6. Check across the rest of the roof top make sure that there are no other roof tiles that are damage and then safely come down from the roof.

If the problem is more serious than one tile or you are unsure how to follow this process, Leeds roofers urge you to seek professional help immediately. You can speak to one of our team on 0113 335 0043.