Having provided professional roofing services for over 30 years in Leeds, DPR are just the specialists you need if you are looking to replace or repair your roof. DPR’s extensive experience in the industry also means that they can provide expert advice on the best roofing solution for your property. Whether you are looking for roofing work to be done on a commercial property or a domestic property, no project is too big for DPR.

Slate roofing is a popular choice for those looking to maintain a more traditional look for their property. DPR provide a wide choice of natural and man-made slates and with a life expectancy of more than 100 years on many products, slate brings longevity and durability which are essential characteristics of a reliable roof.

Tiled roofing is another popular and reliable choice. With a more modern appearance, tiles can come in a variety of natural, clay and concrete styles depending on your personal taste.  Tiles provide an extremely weather proof system and like slate, provide an effective shelter for your property. A tiled roof can last up to 90 years.

Whatever roofing material you choose, DPR will provide a customised service, including tile and slate colour matching to complement the features of your property so that your finished roof is not only resilient but aesthetically pleasing with a professional, high quality finish. 

As a leading roofing company in Leeds, our slate and tile roofing experts plan each stage of your roof repair or replacement in detail to ensure a comprehensive and efficient service is provided. We currently hold many of the leading roofing industry standards and accreditations and continue to enhance our skills through regular training.


Therefore, if you would like know more about our slate and tile roofing services or any of our other types of work we conduct in Leeds, please do not hesitate to contact our team on 0113 335 0043.