For many, the new year means a new start and following the festive period this can sometimes involve a detox to improve health and wellbeing. But have you ever considered a gutter detox? Just like the health of a person, cleaning out a gutter can improve the health of a building.

At DPR Leeds, we recognise the importance of maintaining the condition of your gutter to minimise the health and safety risks to your building. This is why we provide a range of gutter maintenance services which include gutter repairs, gutter re-alignments, gutter clearance, and gutter cleaning.

In order for gutters to function properly, it is important to inspect and clean them at least once every six months. If this is not done, your drainage system could become affected leading to further problems in and around your property. A dysfunctional gutter can be particularly problematic during heavy rainfall, as this can lead to rainwater flowing through the roof causing dampness and even structural damage.

With over 27 years’ experience in the industry and having provided hundreds of gutter clearance services, DPR have extensive knowledge and expertise in a wide range of roofing services for both domestic and commercial properties. No matter what the size of the job, all our fully qualified engineers aim to carry out work quickly, efficiently and at a competitive price.

If you would like to know more about our guttering services or any of our other types of roofing work, please do not hesitate to contact our professional team on 0113 335 0043.