Barnsley Roofers have noticed an increase in roofing problems in Barnsley this winter, as strong wind and rain causes problems to roofs in the area.

These have included issues regarding missing slate or tiles on the roof, water damage caused by tiles lifting so water can come through and guttering being blown from off the side of the roof, hanging down dangerously. These problems have not been only with domestic properties, as commercial roofs have also taken lots of damage.

As a result, Barnsley Roofers have been busy solving these problems before any more serious wet and windy weather hits the area. After Saturdays wet weather we had a further influx of calls, with damp patches proving a common problem.

Should you be worried with the damage on your roof or think that you may have a problem, there are a few things you can do. If safe to do so, get up on your roof and have a look, or get into the loft and see if you can see any wet patches or notice any light coming into the roof. If you can see the sky or outside, there is an obvious gap you need to fill.

If this is not a viable option but you are concerned about the state of your roof, give our local Barnsley roofers a call and have one of our team carry out an extensive survey. Using some of the latest equipment and consulting your fears and worries, out roofers will check the whole roof before advising the next course of action should you have a problem. More often than not, if you notice a problem at the early stage a roof repair is much easier to do.

With an increase in the amount of wet weather coming in the next few weeks, now could be the perfect time to get an issue sorted, before it is too late. You can get hold of one of our Barnsley roofers on 01226 920061 who will attend to your needs quickly.

There is no need to put up with damp patches or a non-suitable roof, so get the problem solved quickly via our team and have a solid roof over your head.