The recent rain and wind has continued to cause problems to roofs in the Pontefract area with our team of Pontefract roofers busy repairing missing tiles and water damage to roofs in the area.

As we recently reported heavy wind and rain would cause damage, but the scale has only been large in some parts of West Yorkshire, with Pontefract affected badly, but not as bad as some areas in Leeds. Unfortunately, tiles have fallen off roofs and caused internal damage to home with damp patches forming, as well as guttering on some of the biggest commercial buildings in the area coming off.

Fortunately however there are a team of people out there who can help, called the Pontefract roofers. This experienced team are experts in quick roof repairs that get to the root of the problem and prevent it from happening again. From missing tiles to slipped guttering and more damage, this team can provide a comprehensive repair service all over the area, and for a very competitive price.

Not only do they deal with roof repairs, but they can also carry out flat roofing work, new roofs and massive commercial roofing projects, making them valuable assets to the community in Pontefract.

To do this, all have been trained locally with roofing specialists and obtain the highest levels of roofing qualifications. Through the DPR umbrella they also work hard to conform to all the current roofing accreditation regarding health and safety and use the latest techniques to ensure the quality of any roof work.

So should the wind and rain have caused problems to your Pontefract roof at either your home or business property, you do not need to live with the pain anymore as Pontefract roofers are here to help. A simple phone call to one of our team on 01977 220016 can set you on your way and they will respond quickly, ensuring your property is watertight once again.