Is Your Roof Ready for Winter?

Without wanting to sound like Sean Bean in Game of Thrones, winter is coming. That means a lot of bad weather for all of us in the UK. But the cold, wet conditions aren’t just an inconvenience on your way into work. They also pose a threat to your home, which your roof needs to guard against.

But is it ready? There are several small problems that could have manifested in your roof over the months. If they’re not spotted before winter, you could get a nasty surprise on Christmas Eve, New Year’s Day or any time throughout the winter months.

A ‘winter-ready’ roof

Your roof is made up of several components, which work together to protect your home from the winter weather. With that in mind, it’s essential that all of those elements are in a good, working condition before the going gets tough.


The most obvious feature of your roof are the tiles or slates that cover it. They’re responsible for actually keeping out the rain across the majority of your roof’s surface. If any of your tiles or slates are cracked, dislodged or even missing, then you’ll need to get it seen to promptly. Fortunately, replacing tiles is a very quick and straightforward job if you get it sorted quickly.


Made from a range of metals, rubber, PVC or acrylic, flashing covers the joins in your roof where water would otherwise penetrate the surface. Over time it could become damaged or worn down, which would make it less effective. Whether it’s at the base of your chimney or on the valleys of your roof, if your flashing is looking worse for wear, it’s worth getting it fixed before winter.


All that extra rainfall provides a lot more work for your gutters throughout the winter. That makes it vitally important that they’re clean, clear and free from any breaks. Water needs to be able to flow freely through your gutters and down the drains, without overflowing or leaking out. Otherwise, you could soon find the rainwater causing damage to other parts of your home.


Maybe your roof has been leaking for a while without you noticing? It’s not uncommon for ‘invisible’ roof leaks to emerge on properties where the roof isn’t regularly inspected. If that’s the case, it may have even caused damage beneath the surface of your roof. If your roof’s timbers aren’t in tip top condition heading into winter, you could be in for some real problems.

Talk to the roofing experts in Leeds

While we can advise on the different parts of your roof that might need repairing, there’s only one way to really find out if your roof is ready for winter – a thorough, professional inspection.

At DPR Roofing in Leeds, we provide comprehensive roof inspections for homes and commercial properties. Our team will check over every aspect of your roof to make sure it’s fully prepared for the cold, wet weather.

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