There can be little doubt that we are passionate about roofing at DPR. So it was with a certain mixture of sadness and irritation that we read last year’s announcement that the Joao Havelange Olympic Stadium in Rio de Janeiro was to be closed until further notice. This was reportedly due to ‘structural problems’, which have also characterised construction of a number of stadia that in the process of being built for the football World Cup this year.

What are the problems?

You’ve guessed it – roof repairs. These repairs will have to take place before it can be fit for use, because it could otherwise prove a risk to lives if subjected to adverse weather conditions.

We have to concur with the mayor of Rio, Eduardo Paes, when he stated that it was ‘simply unacceptable’ that a stadium that was only inaugurated in 2007 has now been declared unfit for purpose.

Could it have been prevented?

Obviously, at DPR we provide roofing services on a much smaller scale, but it our belief that the same principles apply. As the process of roofing someone’s house needs to be thoroughly and precisely planned, so does the roofing work at a stadium.

It is also clear that the job that was done on the roof of the stadium prior to its initial opening seven years was inadequate, and our guess is that this because of sub-standard materials and perhaps even sub-standard workmanship.

Precise planning, high quality materials and proper training are essential to any roofing work. So, for reliable roofers with first-rate training and years of experience, please call us now on 0113 (Leeds) 0335 0043.