At DPR, we are committed to using the very latest technology and materials on all our roofing repairs in Pontefract. Not only does this ensure your new roof can withstand the demands of the current climate, but it will also last longer and work more effectively.

Today, we have however been made aware of one situation when using a new type of roofing product will not be adequate for the project. Although not carrying out this work ourselves, we wanted to share it with you.

A reconstructed bronze age roundhouse requires the roof to be reconstructed and organisers are going to use materials and tools from that era, calling it an “experimental archaeology” project. The building was in fact re-built only 20 years ago at Flag Fen (Peterborough) but has been built out of traditional materials. Flag Fen has Bronze Age history, with a causeway there dating back over 3500 years.

Because of the complexities of the work, Historians will be spending a week, mending the roof using replica bronze and flint, and will only be able to use wooden tools. None of the high-tech power tool equipment DPR use in projects today.

Stuart Orme, from Vivacity Culture and Leisure, which runs the site, described it as "experimental archaeology" and a "difficult challenge".

"The re-enactors will have to struggle with very basic tools to recreate the roof," he said.

"It will be a tough experimental task, but fascinating for visitors and archaeologists to witness."

The roof will consist of wooden beams that are covered by woven mesh of lighter wood. Above this will then be a layer of reed, almost like thatching on some cottage style roofs, but it will then have a thick layer of turf on the top.

DPR are interested to see how this project concludes as work begins on Monday and should take a week to complete.

If however you have a roof that needs repair in Pontefract, you will more than likely want to use the latest materials. At DPR we have some of the most qualified roofers so that when you have a problem, we can repair it with the most effective equipment. For more information on roof repair methods or to arrange for one of our team to come and survey your roof in Pontefract, please do contact us on 01977 220016.