A comprehensive commercial property maintenance package is an essential to many local businesses in the Yorkshire area. Whether it is just regularly checking of gutters or sweeping of the roof, ensuring your maintenance is effective for your needs is of high importance.

Here at DPR, when a commercial property owner speaks to us about their maintenance needs, we will always sit down with them, have a look at the roof and devise a plan based on our roofing expertise and their personal requirements.

For some companies, regularity is a major component, and like we mentioned with a contract we have at Finlay Beverages, this regularity can change depending on circumstances. For most however, every month or two months is often the requisite amount of time. This can obviously depend on how large the roof is and what jobs need to be completed, but this will all be addressed during the initial maintenance package stage.

The are many different packages available with most including the checking of the roof for moving or missing tiles, gutter cleaning, seals checks as well as basic wear and tear replacements.

Some companies however prefer their maintenance contract to be in place to spot the first signs of any roof repair, which will usually save them thousands of pounds in extensive damage to larger parts of the roof, or equipment inside their building.

Our packages also include high level inspections, which can be beneficial if access is extremely difficult. Digital imagery is also used during all our maintenance work to show the effects of roof damage, show how the new roofing work is going to effectively prevent future damage and more. We also use digital imagery as a way of monitoring the roofs condition over time, keeping every roof on file and referring back to it should any problem occur. This often helps us solve any issue quicker and determine which method or roofing repair will be most effective.

If you live in Leeds or further afield in Yorkshire and require a commercial property maintenance service, please do not hesitate to get in touch. Our packages start from a great low price and can just give you the ultimate peace of mind on all roofing matters. For more information, please contact us today on 0113 335 0043.