DPR Roofers are well known for their commercial work. We have worked for some the largest and most prestigious organisations in the country. However, this is far from all we do. And this recent case study showcases that perfectly.

We received a call from a resident in Wakefield. She lives in a large housing estate and noticed that the council were carrying out roof renewals and services on the council owned properties surrounding her.

Having bought her council house some years ago, our client was not able to receive a new updated roof like the other residents. However, when she compared her roof to their new ones she realised how dated hers was. She also realised that if work was not carried out soon then she could be at risk of leaks, or, potentially, something worse.

This is when she called DPR. We talked her through her options and laid out some of the facts about leaving your roof in a state of disrepair. After this conversation she decided to have extensive work carried out on her property. The exact work she had done included:

• A full strip and recover of roof which involved taking the old Rosemary tiles off, laying a new breathable membrane and new treated timber lattes prior to laying new Marley Modern Farmhouse Red tiles
• Fitting a new dry ridge system.
• All new leadwork.
• Chimneys cut out and repointed.
• New fascia and gutters in quality uPVC.
• Our building department even stripped all her kitchen out and laid a new concrete floor plus new electrics in readiness for her new kitchen installation mid September.

It was a huge amount of work to carry out on a domestic property. This amount of work can be very disruptive to a persons day to day activities. Therefore we always ensure that any work is carried out as quickly as possible. We are also very conscious of domestic clients budgets, so while we always carry out work quickly, and to the highest possible standard, we will do so with as little expense as possible.

If you are in need of any domestic roofing services, or anything to do with building repairs and alterations just give us a call on 0113 335 0043.