Out of the many component parts of a commercial building, the roof must take the most abuse. Constantly exposed to the elements roofs take an incredible beating every day. In winter they have to hold during the extreme cold, as well as staying water proof and also supporting an incredible weight if it ever snows.

In summer the heat (when we get some) can distort the structure of a building, so the roof has to be able to move with this, while still staying intact and remaining water proof for those severe summer showers of which we get plenty of.

They have to do this all day, every day.

So it is understandable that even the best made roofs will need a bit of a touch up every now and then. This is where DPR comes in. For over 27 years we have provided commercial roofing repairs to Leeds and the surrounding areas.

We can aid commercial business in two ways. The first being to offer on the spot repairs. We know when your roof breaks it becomes unsafe to those in and around the building. There is also a high chance it will then begin to leak, which could cause untold damage and stop normal business practices, ultimately costing your business more and more money.

The other service we can provide is to offer maintenance. By performing regular maintenance and servicing we can seriously reduce the risk of something going wrong with your roof. And the old adage is always true: prevention is infinitely better than the cure.

Our servicing packages run on annual basis and can be tailored to suit your needs and budget, with inspections taking place every 6-8 weeks, quarterly or every 6 months.

We are trusted by and regularly work with some of the biggest organisations in the country, such as Plus Net, Barclays, Department for Education and Asda to name just a few.

If you are in need of commercial roofing repair in the Leeds area, just give us a call on 0113 335 0043.