To say that roofs are such a critical part of any house, not many homeowners know some simple ways to maintain and repair them. Having the knowledge to spot tell-tale signs of damage to your roof can save you a lot of money, as it prevents more expensive repairs in the future.

As well as providing fantastic domestic and commercial roofing services in Pontefract, we at DPR also like to help our customers by sharing some of our knowledge. Here are a few examples of what could be wrong with your roof, along with what you can do to check:

Cracked/slipped tile

A cracked or slipped tile is likely to be the result of weather, and doesn’t necessarily mean that there is a larger problem with your roof. Remember that whilst a roof can last a lifetime, it is subjected to some very harsh environments – damage to individual tiles isn’t uncommon.

It’s often easy to identify a slipped tile from ground level. Simply take a step back from your property and assess whether a particular patch looks slightly different from the rest. A cracked tile, however, may require an external roof inspection as they can be harder to spot from afar.


Roof sagging could be caused by a number of problems – weather damage, faulty roofing material or too much weight, for example. Although sagging is a common problem in both new and old homes it needs to be assessed by an expert, as the structure could be at risk of failing.

Luckily, sagging is very easy to identify – when viewing the roof from the outside it will appear wavy and uneven.

We at DPR advise you to take care if you make the decision to inspect your roof. It’s important to have someone assisting you at all times, as well as making sure that you feel completely safe and stable before going up a ladder. There is no harm in ringing the professionals – our team is vastly experienced in roof repair and deliver a quick, efficient service.

If you are experiencing any of the above problems with your roof or want more information, don’t hesitate to contact one of our specialist team on 01977 220 016.