Homeowners in Leeds are being warned of damage to their houses, particularly their roofs, as the wet winter weather comes to Yorkshire in the coming weeks.

The change in weather could see more damage to roofs within the area after last week’s wind and rain saw roofs destroyed and people complaining of leaks and damage to their property. Here at DPR, we are urging the people of Leeds to check their roofs before it is too late, and to get any repair work that might need to be sorted done sooner rather than later.

The current outlook for the next few days sees no rain, but as the back end of the week hits, rain and strong wind will grace the region during the evenings, which could see you wake up with an unpleasant damp patch or missing roof tiles.

Just because your roof was able to withstand the last amount of rain and wind, it does not imply that it will this time too. If you have noticed something or just want a professional check carried out, our team of Leeds roofers can carry out a full roof inspection and repair any small areas that might not withstand increased rain and wind.

It is important to check your roofs regularly, so that should there be an issue you can solve it quickly, or get it professionally dealt with before it’s too late and the roof needs a complete repair.

For more information about the array of services the DPR provide in the Leeds area, or to arrange for an inspection before the next set of bad weather hits the area, please call 0113 335 0043.