According to many property management companies and local residents, many people have noticed damp patches within their homes after the recent heavy rain across the Wakefield area.

Damp patches can be caused by a number of reasons, but should they be in the uppermost ceiling of your house, then it is likely to be attributed to a problem on the roof.

Water could be entering your building by a cracked or split tile, a missing patch of slate or even the felt having a hole or gap where it can penetrate through. A damp patch if left unattended will become larger and larger and could cause a much bigger internal problem in the future. Should you notice a damp patch forming within your home, a quick call to one of our team can start the process of fixing the problem.

One of our surveyors will initially visit the site and check the damp area and the roof to see if a noticeable cause can be found. Despite a damp patch forming in a specific location, the problem could well be attributed to a problem on the roof that is not directly above or near to the patch. This is because water runs along different paths before it collects at a specific point, creating the damp patch.

Upon finding the source of the problem, we will then advise the best method of repair which could be a small repair of a cracked tile to fixing a large hole. Whatever the problem, we will carry out the correct and complete procedure quickly so that upon completion there is no longer a damp issue within your home. All our engineers are locally based so we can be on hand quickly to solve your problem.

Whatever the damp issue to your Wakefield home, or if you need some advice regarding what to do, please call one of our team on 01924 637079.