Leeds roofers are delighted to hear of a project that has been completed by a couple in Staffordshire, as they completed a 2 and a half year project to build their dream Tudor style home.

Ray and Michele Bundell built their homes using large oak beans, high ceiling and many more traditional features, including a tiled roof themselves, having taught themselves skills in plumbing, roofing, electrical wiring and carpentry to complete the job.

The house, which cost them only £90,000 to buy in 1998, is now projected to be worth over £600,000. In an interview the Daily Mirror, Ray said: “We’d never done anything like this before. We wanted to do as much of the work ourselves as we could. We ordered the timber frame from a company and three builders helped to put up the twenty-ton oak skeletal frame. They also helped us with a few other jobs including the insulation.

“But we did everything else; put the roof on, made and laid the floorboards, made the doors, did all the electrics and installed the under-floor heating. We did everything really.”

During the build, the couple lived in a caravan and spent the evenings teaching themselves old school technique of joinery. Because of the age of the timber, they also had problems with it shrinking, which is what the Elizabethans also experienced.

The house they have been left with has many finer details and is a real thing of art.

At Leeds roofs we would like to congratulate the couple on this amazing development, this shows what you can do if you hold the skills to do it. We would like to remind people that unless qualified you shouldn’t attempt to do roofing work yourself.

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