DPR was recently contacted by a homeowner in Wakefield after they noticed a major problem with their garage flat roof. Although the roof looked reasonably ok from ground level, once above, the state of the roof was incredibly poor.

The garage had disintegrated so much that it was unsafe and practically offered no protection for the items inside. Water had begun leaking into the building and causing damage to the contents below and the wood had become completely rotten. DPR has over 30 years experience in the industry and this was one of the worst flat roofs we have ever seen.

After inspecting the roof thoroughly and carefully, DPR recommended that a brand new high tech roof would need to be added to the garage. This roof would use the new high quality Plastisol steal coated roof system and would be installed with necessary trims and fixings. This roof system offers a 10 year guarantee and should not fall foul to any weather extremities that West Yorkshire may experience during the next few decades.

The job was quite complex because our leading Wakefield roofers were unsure of the full extent of the damage. We could not guarantee that no debris would fall, as hard as we tried to prevent it from happening. The homeowner was however understanding of this issue and requested we stripped off the entire existing roof and disposed of it correctly.

Flat roofs problems are not uncommon and with the wet weather that autumn brings, often fail due to weak points which are highlighted in this period. DPR offer a tailored flat roof repair service as we realise that not all roofs will be in such a bad state and that only small parts of a roof might need a repair. Usual signs of a problem include splits, sagging of the roof and damp patches forming on the roof, however there can be other problems too.

Should you notice a problem and require a survey by a local roofer, please do not hesitate to contact one of our Wakefield roofing team on 01924 637081.