Roofers at Leeds-based DPR were working a little closer to the ground at a home on Hetton Road, Leeds as they successfully damp-proofed a large wall at the semi-detached property.

The Leeds branch of DPR was called to inspect the property after the owner reported evidence of dampness on their dining room wall.

Highly accurate electronic Protimeter (Survey Master) readings were taken on the wall at the inspection which attributed the damage to rising damp from the outside of the property.

To rectify the rising damp problem, DPR’s team began by removing the original and damaged wall plaster and injecting a tri-gel chemical mortar, installing damp proof course and DPR’s own vertical plasterbase membrane system.

To prevent a further attack from any remaining dampness due to the hygroscopic salts deposited in the original plasters, they then carried out specialist replastering using the very best cement mix with added chemical waterproofing agents and plasticiser with dry-lined boarding.

All resultant rubble from the works was removed from the site before DPR repaired all external drill and injection holes with mortar and pvc injection hole plugs.

The property also had signs of mild to moderate condensation but was not a contributing factor to the damp damage to the interior wall so we simply recommended that the owner maintained a more sustained and adequate supply of heat and ventilation to alleviate the condensation.

Professional Leeds roofers DPR are trained to deal with a number of building work defects and damage, not just roofing conditions.

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