The theft of lead and other metal has become a huge problem in recent years, due to the rising value of metal worldwide and churches are among the most popular targets for thieves. However the crime is a growing problem in Huddersfield with roofs of homes, restaurants and public buildings also being targeted.

In the last year the roofs of several buildings in Huddersfield have been targeted by crooks on the prowl for valuable metal. Several have suffered thousands of pounds damage as thieves have stripped them of copper and lead tiles and flashing.

Police said metal and lead theft from roofs of buildings was an increasing problem across the county. West Yorkshire Police are working to set up Faith Watch schemes across the county to improve security against thieves on the look out for lead, copper, and stone. A police spokeswoman said: “It is important that residents keep their eyes and ears open and report any suspicious behaviour especially around public buildings such as churches and community centres.”