Making sure your roof is ready for each season is important, especially the winter months. If you live in areas of Yorkshire which are exposed to the harshest of weather, such as in Barnsley then this is even more important.

If you already have concerns over a part of your roofs, you should get this inspected by a Barnsley roofer right away. Someone with local knowledge will understand the problems the climate has on roofing structures in the area, as well as where to get the matching tiles from quickly.

If you do not get any minor problem solved quickly, this could escalate into a serious problem quickly. Missing tiles, cracks around the chimney and loose materials are all signs of a small problem which could become worse during any cold weather, so be sure to look properly when checking your roof.

Make sure you remove any debris from your gutters before the heavy rains come. Right now we are experiencing a mild period of weather which gives you time to get out and clear debris from your gutters. If you are unsure how to do this, we offer a professional service. If you are doing it yourself, also look out for wear and tear and any items which look like they may have come from off your roof.

If you are checking your roof, be sure to note down anything which you think may look a little suspect. If this is the case monitor this during the next few weeks and if anything appears to get worse, please seek professional advice urgently.

If you have a flat roof, make sure you look out for water pooling on the roof during the wet weather. If your flat roof has been installed in that last 5-10 years it should be quite sturdy, however if it is older, you may want to check this too as a weak spot could potentially lead to large amounts of damage.

You may be asking why we are recommending you have a look at your roof so carefully, but there are many reasons why. Winter weather places a lot of stress on your roof and an older roof is more likely to become susceptible to damage. Although the roof might have been fine for years, it could have a slowly developing problem which if you leave could cause a major problem. For this reason, an early inspection is highly recommended.

For more information about what else you can do, or to arrange for a professional visit from our leading Barnsley roofers, call us on 01226 920061.