DPR came to the rescue of a homeowner in Yorkshire after they requested Managing Director Darren Rickett to inspect another contractor’s roof renewal.

The house was originally a flat roofed construction but the owner wanted a new pitched (angled) roof fitting.

After getting a range of different quotes, the owner picked the company they thought offered the best value for money. They came and completed the work however afterwards she was not happy with the quality and noticed problems with her roof. As a result, she asked Darren for a professional second opinion.

What Darren found was nothing short of horrific. It was fully evident that the company the customer used did not have the right qualifications to carry out the work and that the whole roof needs to be stripped back to basics and to start again. Goodness knows what lies beneath, it would be expected to find a major flaw with the supporting structure once exposed.

Unfortunately, the owner has paid out a sizeable fortune and now faces a lengthy court battle with the contractor to try and recover the money.

Speaking after he had completed the survey, Darren Ricketts said: “We have to say that this has to be up there with the worst finishing we have ever seen. This is a classic tale of the owner going with, what was probably, the cheapest quote and that just speaks for itself. To make back to good involves a whole load more work than was originally needed.”

DPR would like to remind people to always do background checks on any quote that you get and to not always use finances alone as a reason to choose a particular company.

If you are experiencing problems with some of your roof after recent repair work and would like a second opinion, please do not hesitate to contact our team on 0113 3470918.