Urban green roofing has developed massively in the last decade, not only seen as a way of limiting the impact humans have on the environment, but also now giving habitats back to animals which had been impacted by building work in the first place.

Cities in Germany have already been installing urban green roofs which promotes a better psychological wellbeing, as well as reducing the risk of flooding in the area.

Now Manchester Metropolitan University is pioneering the way forward in the UK, along with a few other venues in Manchester as the city makes an active push to make greener rooftops

A spokesperson for one of the projects involved said: “I think it’s really important that Manchester and other cities in the UK follow the lead of countries such as Germany that have strong policies about the introduction of green roofs whenever possible.

“Their benefits are backed up by an increasing amount of research so discussion should now move from whether it should be done to how it should be done.”

Greener rooftops do not only look lovely but they can also act as a vital flood defence, as they absorb water and slow down the process of surface water run-off leading to less water being trapped in the city.

Greener roofs also allow for more bird activity, with Manchester being the home of the black redstart, one of the UK’s rarest birds. There are also other birds which are on the list of threatened species by the RSPB so having the habitat for these to thrive should help keep the types alive.

DPR Roofing, as leading roofers in Yorkshire, including Leeds, have always been interested in new methods of roofing and the rise in green roofing is something we expect to see appear in Leeds city centre in the coming year.

If you are interested in green roofing and would like to add it to your building, there is lots of information you can get online. You can also speak to one of our Leeds roofers if this is something you would like to look into, and one of our team could guide you through these steps.

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