The recent cold snap has caused problems to roofs in Leeds, with ice that has formed on the roof melting and causing water damage inside. The ice has also played havoc with guttering which has become split on many houses, and is now not functional.

It is not just older roofs that have been affected by the cold weather as new roofs are also showing problems. Many families who had roofs built in recent years have found that there have been problems caused by the weather.

Families in the Leeds area have reported noticing water coming in around the door frame, and damp patches forming on the ceiling in upstairs bedrooms. They have also noticed some small pieces of ice former on the guttering which looks nice and wintering but is playing havoc with their roofs.

Unfortunately the weather is something that cannot be accounted for and the severe weather Leeds has faced in recent weeks will highlight any abnormalities in the roofing structure. DPR’s Leeds roofers explain the situation saying: "Water runs down the roof, like it is meant to, but when it hits the colder eaves at the bottom, it just freezes and you get ice. When this melts again, the water can find gaps in the roofing structure and perforate through.

Should you notice water damage attributed to your roof, it is important that you get professional help. Ice can damage the ventilation from heat in the attic and can have more serious problems to your roof. Repairing ice damage can be an expensive outlay but Leeds Roofs have a team on hand that can act quickly and try and keep the costs down.

Should you have a problem with your roof in the wintery conditions, we are always on hand to help. For more information on how we can repair your roof in Leeds, or to seek advice from one of our team, please call 0113 335 0043.