Local Huddersfield high school Salendine Nook felt the full force of yesterdays wind and rain as their swimming pool roof was blown off the building last night.

The event occurred at around 5.30pm as students were partaking in swimming lessons. According to eye-witness reports, half the roof was blown off in the 70mph winds that have been ripping through the Huddersfield and Yorkshire area.

Parts of the roof where seen blowing onto the adjacent football fields, with insulation also blowing around the cars that were parked in the car park. More alarmingly however, pieces of the metal roof were also seen to be falling into the pool.

Luckily no children were hurt in this ordeal as they were quickly evacuated out of the pool and into the safety of close by changing rooms.

One of the parents, who had taken her daughters for their regular lesson, told the local Huddersfield Examiner that it was a frightening event: “It was terrifying for everyone, not just the children.

“The kids, about 15 of them, were in the water having the lesson and all the parents were watching at the end of the pool. Suddenly we saw bits of insulation and other material blowing about outside and then heard an almighty bang. It was followed very quickly by another massive bang and the roof started to open up.

We grabbed the children and got them out of the pool and into the changing rooms. They were very frightened. Most of the roof had gone and there were large pieces of it away on the sports field”.

This event showcases how strong the storm has been in the last 24 hours, and other roof damage is expected to local buildings and homes. It is important to get any damage professionally repaired, so Huddersfield Roofers are urging home and business owners to check their roofs or watch out for damp patches.

If you should notice any roofing issues on commercial or domestic properties, please call Huddersfield Roofers as a matter of urgency as strong winds are expected in the next 48 hours once again. You can speak to one of our team on 01484 290087.