Leeds and other parts of Yorkshire are firmly in the grip of an icy winter. But while snow and icicles may make your home and surrounding scenery look very picturesque, it can cause serious damage to your roof.

As experienced Leeds roofers, DPR have come up with some facts about what snow and ice can mean for your roof.

Ice dams

Ice dams can cause heavy damage to the roofing material and gutters.

If you have gutters, be sure they are cleaned out before winter sets in. Ice dams are formed when warm air escapes from your loft – usually when there is not enough insulation.

As snow melts from the warm air, the water drips to the eaves, where it is colder, and freezes – creating a dam.

You can stop this by making sure you have enough insulation in your loft to create a layer of air between the insulation and the roof that is the same temperature inside and out.

Falling icicles and snow

If your roof has large amounts of overhanging snow or icicles make visitors aware of the risk (a simple note on your door may do the job).

If you are confident that it’s safe, it is a good idea to remove overhanging icicles that pose a threat. However, using ladders in icy conditions is not recommended, nor should you hang out of windows to reach the roof areas. An extendable pole is the best method but if you have a particularly high roof this can be difficult.

Icicles hanging from the roof can also be a threat to your vehicle. If you park your car on the drive don’t park it too close to the building – falling icicles will cause significant damage to bodywork.

Solar panels

If your roof is fitted with solar panels then they will continue to work following a light snowfall. However, solar panels will not work for a short time if a significant amount of snow has fallen. But due to the slick and angled surface of solar panels the snow will slide off fairly quickly and your solar panels should start working again.

Heavy snow on roofs

Heavy snow build-up can cause weak roof structures to cave in. This can be dangerous for your family as well as your home. But the danger of a roof cave in is not the only threat following heavy snow.

As the snow melts water can seep into your home’s foundation, ceiling and walls, and can lead to warping or rotting. Some of the early visible signs of water damage include brown stains, water marks and cracks on your walls.

If you have incurred damage to your roof or walls as a result of the recent cold weather then contact Leeds roofers DPR – we have been installing and repairing Leeds’ roofs for over 20 years.