After the BBC released a report saying that the death of a man who fell through the roof while working for his father could have been prevented, the continued safety of roofers has been in the news this week.

Kyle Broadbent, 25 from Milton Keynes, died after he and his father were replacing a skylight on a home in Newport Pagnell when he fell. The court case showed that the company had showed a total disregard to health and safety and that his death could have been avoided. No protective harnesses had been used and the son was not a qualified roofer.

We recently reported that changes have been made in the industry regarding the use of ladders, and there will also be stricter checks on safety at work. AT DPR, we are always ensuring our company adheres to the most stringent of safety requirements, and that we are qualified with all the governing bodies.

It is imperative that the correct safety measures are taken to avoid accidents like this, but also to ensure that roof work is completed correctly. If corners are cut, then parts of the roof may not have the right finish to prevent water leaking in or support structures. For high access jobs it is important equipment like a cherry picker are used rather than gaining access via ladders.

If you are thinking of using a roofer for any new roof or roof repair work in Leeds or the rest of Yorkshire, ask them what qualifications they hold. They should be able to comprehensively answer your questions and show with proof the qualifications they hold. We have all ours listed on our accreditations page, explaining what each one allows us to do.

For more information on roof safety, how to ensure the roofer you are using is safe and much more, please do not hesitate to contact us on: 0113 3470918.