We often speak of the importance of getting the flat roof of your home or commercial property serviced and inspected regularly. The old adage of ‘prevention is better than the cure’ could not be any truer than with roofs.

If the roof of your home were to leak, or even worse, collapse, then it would cause incalculable damage. Not just to your property, but to the memories you store in your home. If it happens to your commercial property then it could cost a huge amount in loss of earnings. This is because your business will no doubt have to halt while the repairs are carried out. Leaks and collapses are obviously far too unsafe for any staff or customers to be allowed to carry on working within the premises.

However, there is one other area of that is often overlooked: the garage.

A huge proportion of garages have flat roofs, and they are susceptible to the same wear and tear as any other flat roof. Without proper care and maintenance a garage roof could spring a leak just as easily as your home. Possibly easier as garages are typically less robust because they are not usually inhabited by people.

But this doesn’t mean the contents of your garage have no value. Garages are typically used to store cars. Cars are, usually, the second biggest purchase a person makes, after their home. A leaking garage could cause a huge amount of damage to a car that is being stored there. Or, if the garage becomes structurally unsound it leaves your car open to theft. It could even effect your insurance.

If you don’t store your car in your garage, chances are you store a lot of left over paraphernalia, most of which have will have a huge amount of sentimental value. Unlike a care, these items would be hard to replace.

We would be remiss not to mention, as well as your roof being vulnerable, so is your garage door. If you do not have a well-constructed, and properly fitted garage door then it leaves you as wide open to damage and theft as a damaged roof would.

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